Regardless of whether we’re in the office or at our project locations, we take a holistic approach to reducing our environmental footprint—one that’s governed by our overarching Environmental Policies. We recognize that everything has an impact and we work to create positive change in all areas of business.

From incorporating motion lights in our offices to reducing fuel consumption by studying the impact of reduced equipment idle hours, to finding innovative solutions to repurpose equipment or infrastructure that would be otherwise disposed of, our goal is to set meaningful performance targets that make a difference.

Nuna takes great pride in the protection of the environment. This commitment comes naturally. In Inuktitut, the most commonly used Indigenous language across Arctic Canada, Nuna means “land” and Nunavut, the home of our majority owners, means “our land”.

Reclamation & Remediation

Nuna provides full project life-cycle services, including remediation and reclamation for sustainable development in mining. In 2022, we successfully completed a multi-year remediation project at the abandoned Gunnar Mine Site in Northern Saskatchewan. Nuna’s remediation experience continues with our award of the Snap Lake Remediation Project in the Northwest Territories. The project plan requires the removal of all infrastructure with disposal in the landfill and the installation of a landfill cover.

Nuna seeks innovative solutions to repurpose equipment or infrastructure that would be otherwise disposed of, thereby creating salvage value and generating opportunities for multiple end-users as they discover new life and value in repurposing this equipment.

Committed to Reducing Our Impacts

We’re dedicated to achieving and maintaining a high standard of environmental stewardship throughout our operations and in the communities where we do business. This includes a number of standard operating procedures and processes to help minimize environmental impacts.

Equipment Hours & Fuel Consumption

We operate an extensive fleet of mobile and stationary equipment. Our goal is to operate this equipment as efficiently as possible to maximize productivity. This means moving the highest volume of material in the minimum amount of time—with the least amount of fuel consumed.

Responsible Sourcing

At Nuna, we value innovative solutions that reduce environmental impacts for sustainable development in the mining industry. We expect the same from our subcontractors. We’ve updated our subcontract and supplier prequalification forms to evaluate if our subcontracting partners have a formal ESG program. This has led to an increased understanding of the efforts our suppliers are taking toward responsible development.