Nuna Group of Companies refers to the many successful joint ventures, partnerships and corporate entities that have been established throughout Canada. As an Indigenous company, we endeavor to develop sustainable Indigenous partnerships regardless of where we work.

Nuna has a long history of using a “shared values” approach to advance project development. This is attributable to our expertise and involvement in every major mining project in northern Canada, as well as our ability to develop effective Indigenous partnerships that align business interests with local community mandates. Our goal is to see beyond the life of the project and support our Indigenous partner communities in preparing for the potential generational benefit of mining and construction-related activities.

Nuna recognizes that each of our partner communities is unique and has its own distinct cultures, capacity and goals. We work together with each community to foster strong relationships and learn what is most valuable to them. This process builds mutual respect and trust, so we can be valued partners working together to meet each community’s objectives.

Nuna welcomes new opportunities to develop relationships with Indigenous communities. If you have a potential project developing in your region and would like to discuss partnership opportunities with Nuna, please contact us at