Reclamation & Remediation

Nuna translates to “land” in Inuktitut. As a company, Nuna understands the importance of restoring the land to its natural state once operations are complete. We adhere to the strict environmental regulations that govern mine site reclamation, including the handling of hazardous materials such as hydrocarbon contaminated soils and reagents, tailings reclamation and site rehabilitation. Our site-specific procedures are based on our Integrated Health, Safety and Environment Management System.

In addition to our experience at the Giant Mine site, which Nuna has been involved in since 2005, we successfully completed a multi-year site remediation project at the abandoned Gunnar Mine Site in Northern Saskatchewan in 2022. In the same year, we were awarded a multi-year remediation contract at Snap Lake Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories by De Beers Canada.