Snap Lake Project

The Snap Lake Diamond Mine is located 220 km northeast of Yellowknife, NT and is Canada’s first completely underground diamond mine. Construction began in 2004 and the mine was in operation from 2008 to 2015. Nuna was on-site as part of the original construction team in 2004 and returned in 2021 as Prime Contractor for the mine’s reclamation and remediation, representing Nuna’s participation in the complete Project life cycle from early exploration to closure.

Mine Site Remediation

Commenced: 2021
Completed: In Progress
Client: De Beers Canada Inc.

In December 2021, MET / Nuna Joint Venture (MNJV), a partnership between North Slave Métis Alliance company Métcor Inc. and Nuna Logistics, was awarded the 3-year contract to decommission and reclaim the former underground diamond mine. As Prime Contractor, MNJV will manage the closure, demolition, and rehabilitation of the site. MNJV’s scope includes:

  • Decommissioning and demolition of all structures, tanks, and facilities used during mine operation.
  • Environmental monitoring for compliance with land use and water license permits.
  • Camp and catering operations for 100-120 people.
  • Coordination of activities diverting waste from the landfill for reuse at other locations.
  • Logistics coordination including construction of a 30+ km winter road and freight and cargo flights.
  • Construction of the final tailings containment facility cover system.
  • Placement of an estimated 100,000 m3 of demolition materials in the onsite landfill.
  • Coordination of offsite disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Construction of water management structures and ditches for closure surface water control.
  • Installation of BGM Liner and Dental Concrete for surface water control structures.
  • Drilling and blasting to facilitate construction of ditches.
  • Landfarming of contaminated aggregate materials generated during mine operation to allow for disposal at site.
  • Installation of mine opening concrete caps.
  • Final landform grading to meet closure requirements.
  • Placement of overburden, fertilizer, and seeding on identified areas of the disturbed footprint.

Water Management Ditch, Quarry Development & Winter Access Road (2012)

Commenced: 2012
Completed: 2012

Denesoline/Nuna Joint Venture (DNJV) provided construction and maintenance of a winter site access road and constructed a water management ditch approximately 280 m long and up to 15 m deep. Golder Associates designed the ditch to contain run-off water for testing and treatment prior to discharge into the environment. DNJV mobilized construction crews and equipment in February and demobilized in late March and early April, with the exception of a few pieces of equipment required for the summer work. DNJV’s work entailed drilling, blasting, loading, and hauling. The project required completion prior to freshet, which was met.

DNJV also provided supervision and site control of quarry blasting for the production of crush and construction rock. This included supervising Breakaway Drilling and Blasting, as well as supporting the work with a 345 excavator to place blast mats, prepare benches, and load material. The project was carried out through the spring and summer with completion in September 2012. The remaining equipment was demobilized over the 2013 winter road.

Earthmoving & Site Infrastructure Construction (2004-2009)

Commenced: 2004
Completed: 2009

As part of the Snap Lake Project’s original construction team, DNJV’s activities included: construction and maintenance of a winter site access road; construction of site infrastructure including pads, fuel tank farm, and all-weather site roads; construction of a 5,000’ airstrip capable of handling Boeing 737 and Hercules aircraft; construction of 2 lined processed kimberlite containment dams; and provision of ongoing site service support.