Seabee Gold Operation

The Seabee Gold Operation is located in Northern Saskatchewan, approximately 125 km northeast of the town of La Ronge.

Tailings Management Facility Expansion (2019-2024)

Commenced: 2019
Completed: 2024
Client: SSR Mining Inc.

Nuna Logistics was contracted by SSR Mining to expand their existing tailings management facility at the Seabee mine site. Nuna mobilized to site in the winter of 2019 on a seasonal winter road to commence work on the 2-phase, 3-year project. The project scope involved raising existing dams to increase the capacity of the tailings management facility, as well as building new dams to expand the facility’s current footprint. The project included: tree clearing; development of a rock quarry and crushing for material production; access road construction; construction of a concrete sump-pump structure; dewatering; rock surface preparation and concrete plinth installation; dam construction; and HDPE liner installation. The total project volumes were approximately 400,000 m3 and the initial contract was completed at the end of 2021, as scheduled.

In 2022, Nuna was retained by SSR Mining to continue work at the site, with efforts concentrated on the East Lake Stabilization Project, which included construction of Dam 3 and a tailings retention berm to the south, as well as stabilizing the east dike by dewatering and maintaining a 1% channel along the east alignment. Other works included electrical substation construction civil support, ferric and hydrogen peroxide containment, demolishing existing warehouse buildings and preparing the pad for a new warehouse, and installation of a plant water line access bench and support for the ore pad concrete wall installation. Activities within these scopes included tree clearing, opening a new quarry for ROQ production, crushing, drill and blast, access road construction, dewatering, clearing and grubbing, and site maintenance.