Run-of-River Hydroelectric Development

Project Scope

Commenced: 2012
Completed: 2012
Client: Dowland Inc., General Contractor | Swift Power LP, Owner)

Located approximately 25 km southwest of Terrace, BC, the 20 MW run-of-river hydroelectric development involved the construction of 2 separate power generation facilities; 12 MW facility on Dasque Creek; and 8 MW facility on Middle Creek East (generally referred to as Middle Creek). Dasque Creek drains directly into the south shore of the Skeena River, while Middle Creek East drains into the mainstream of Middle Creek, and then into the southern shore of the Skeena River. The watersheds have historically been impacted by logging and contain existing road access, including forestry roads close to the intake locations and near the penstock route alignments. Nuna Earthworks Inc. mobilized a 110-person crew and equipment to perform all earthworks related to the construction of 2 weirs and intake structures; 2 penstocks; earthworks for 2 powerhouses and tailrace facilities; reactivation/upgrading of existing access roads; development of short spur roads to the intake and powerhouse construction areas; clearing right-of-way for the transmission line from each powerhouse to the existing BC Hydro transmission line; and construction of a new transmission line adjacent to the existing BC Hydro transmission line from the powerhouse to the Skeena Substation near Terrace, BC.