Premier Gold Project

The Premier Gold Project, located 25 km from the town of Stewart, British Columbia and Hyder, Alaska in an area known as “The Golden Triangle”, is an underground mine complex initially developed in 1918 and since then has undergone several stops and starts, along with changes in ownership. Ascot Resources acquired the property in 2018.

Project Scope

Commenced: 2022
Completed: 2023
Client: Ascot Resources Ltd.

In 2022, Nuna Logistics was awarded a 1-year contract to refurbish and upgrade surface infrastructure and processing facilities to support the restart of mining operations.

Nuna’s scope included:

  • Snow removal, clearing and grubbing, and diversion and run-off ditching.
  • Developing and blasting rock for a future Cascade Creek Diversion Channel.
  • Utilizing blast rock as dam armouring and processed aggregates.
  • Construction of tailings storage facility raises at the site’s South, East, and North dams as well as an overflow weir.
  • Borrow development and sand extraction to produce inner dam zone material and processed aggregates.
  • Channel excavation and armouring.

Work commenced in April 2022 and was paused early in the 2022 construction season. Nuna resumed work in Spring 2023 and completed our scope by the end of the 2023 construction season.