Musselwhite Mine

The Musselwhite Mine is an underground gold mine located near Opapamiskan Lake, approximately 500 km north of Thunder Bay, ON.

Dyke Raise (2022-2023)

Commenced: 2022
Completed: 2023
Client: Newmont Goldcorp

In 2022, Nuna began work on a dyke raise contract at Musselwhite. Our scope of work, completed over the course of two construction seasons, consisted of constructing 435 m length of the dyke raise, installing conduits for tailings discharge, constructing erosion control drainage chutes around the tailings storage facility (TSF) without disrupting the surrounding water stream, hauling waste rock from the underground portal to the waste dump, constructing a finger berm to manage the flow of water inside the TSF, completing channel work on Barge Road to improve the flow of water, and installing berm raises around the TSF to make it winter-ready.

Site Surface Support & Crushing (2019-2022)

Commenced: 2019
Completed: 2022
Client: Newmont Goldcorp

In August 2019, Nuna was awarded a surface support contract at Musselwhite involving the organization and relocation of several existing and ongoing ore stockpiles. The surface hauling portion of this contract involved loading ore into rigid frame haul trucks and transporting the ore approximately 2 km to permanent ore storage facilities. Nuna’s working equipment fleet primarily consisted of a Caterpillar 988 loader, 3 Caterpillar 773 rigid frame rock trucks, and a Caterpillar D8 dozer. In 2021, Nuna mobilized crushing and screening equipment to the site for a two-year crushing program in which we crushed and processed 30,000 tonnes of screened sand and 30,000 tonnes of gravel and roadbed material at the site’s aggregate pit before demobilizing the crusher at the end of 2022.