Meliadine Gold Project

The Meliadine property is located near the western shore of Hudson Bay in the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut, approximately 24 km northwest of the Hamlet of Rankin Inlet and 290 km southeast of Agnico Eagle’s Meadowbank mine. Agnico Eagle acquired the Meliadine property from Comaplex Minerals Corp. in 2010.

Civil Earthworks (2013-2018)

Commenced: 2013
Completed: 2018
Client: Agnico Eagle Mines Limited

MTKSL Joint Venture was contracted to provide heavy civil earthworks services at the Meliadine Project. MTKSL Joint Venture is a partnership between M & T Enterprises, a wholly-owned company of Sakku Investments Corporation (development arm of Kivalliq Inuit Association); and Kivalliq Services Ltd., a partnership between Peter’s Expediting Ltd. (Baker Lake, NU), Northern Networks Ltd. (Arviat, NU), and Nuna Logistics (Rankin Inlet, NU).

MTKSL’s scope included:

Water Management Dikes – Key Features

  • Construction of 2 jetties.
  • Construction of 2 dikes: D-CP1 – 600 m long; and D-CP5 – 300 m long.  This included:
    • Material preparation: crushing, drill, and blast.
    • Key trench excavation in permafrost to ice-saturated frozen till or bedrock (1.4 m to 2.4 m deep).
    • Key trench detail cleaning.
    • Key trench backfill with Bentonite-augmented material; nearly-saturated aggregate materials; and crushed aggregates and blasted rock.
    • Dike construction with run-of-mine rockfill; run-of-quarry from saline water pond excavation; transition rockfill (150 mm minus); and granular rockfill (20 mm minus).
    • Bituminous liner installation (Coletanche).
    • Excavation of a water collection ditch downstream of Dike D-CP1.

In late spring 2017, MTKSL negotiated 2 contracts with Agnico Eagles Mines:

Rankin Inlet Laydown & Tank Farm

  • Drill and blast for cut/fill of existing ground.
  • Drill and blast for quarry development.
  • Laydowns for Agnico Eagle sealift.
  • Tank farm construction for Agnico Eagle fuel tanks containment.
  • Construction of a bypass road.

Meliadine Industrial Pads (Balance of Work)

  • Construction of access roads and pads.
  • Production of crushed aggregate materials.
  • Installation of culverts and other drainage structures.
  • Borrow developments, environmental control measures, and other work.
  • Drill and blast for a saline pond development.
  • Drill and blast, excavation, and backfill for underground portal development.
  • Drill and blast, excavation, and backfill for underground exhaust raise.

Industrial Pad (2015-2016)

Commenced: 2015
Completed: 2016

In 2015, Kivalliq Services Ltd. (KSL) provided services for the Meliadine Industrial Pad work. Scope included: construction of access roads and pads; production of crushed aggregate materials; installation of culverts and other drainage structures; borrow developments; environmental control measures; and other work. In the winter of 2016, KSL completed a number of frozen core dikes for the project’s water management plan.

Advanced Exploration – All-Weather Road (2012-2013)

Commenced: 2012
Completed: 2013

Kivalliq Services Ltd. (KSL) were awarded the contract to construct an all-weather road providing a year-round connection from Rankin Inlet to the Meliadine advanced gold exploration project. Construction of the 23 km road commenced March 2012 and the first part of construction was completed prior to spring freshet. The road averaged 1.2 m in height with an 8 m running surface and included several multi-level culvert systems to accommodate adequate drainage. Local esker formations and granite outcrops found along the road access alignment provided the materials to construct the road base and road topping (quarry and borrow development, and drill / blast). Work continued in October 2012 and required approximately 6 months to complete. The equipment fleet comprised: 773 rock trucks, 740/730/D300E articulated rock trucks, D6/D8/D9 dozers, 988 loader, 330/345 excavators, screening plant crusher, and numerous pieces of rolling stock and support equipment.

Tiriganiaq Deposit – Site & Labour Support Services (2007-2008)

Commenced: 2007
Completed: 2008

Under former project owner, Comaplex Minerals Corp., Nuna M&T Services Ltd. provided portal excavation and site support services for the Tiriganiaq deposit; and provided equipment and labour support for the underground bulk sample program and site services.