Gunnar Uranium Mine Remediation

The Gunnar site is located on the north shore of Lake Athabasca, approximately 25 km southwest of Uranium City, SK. The mine was in operation from 1955-1963 and officially closed in 1964.

Project Scope

Commenced: 2016
Completed: 2021
Client: Saskatchewan Research Council

The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) manages Project CLEANS — a multi-year, multimillion-dollar project to assess and reclaim abandoned uranium mines and mill sites comprising: Lorado Uranium Mill site, Gunnar Uranium Mine & Mill site, and 35 satellite mine sites in Northern Saskatchewan. The projects are funded by the governments of Saskatchewan and Canada.

Fond du Lac Nuna Joint Venture (FDLN JV), a partnership with Fond du Lac First Nation Development Limited Partnership, mobilized to the Gunnar site in September 2016 to carry out a 5-year contract to reduce the risks from the abandoned site. FDLN JV’s scope was similar to that of the Lorado Project; and involved remediation of 3 major tailings deposits by covering them with 800,000+ m3 of waste rock, 430,000 m3 of medium textured till, and 280,000+ m3 of coarser textured till; and construction of a drainage channel through the entire site, lined with riprap and armour along the entire shoreline adjacent to Langley Bay. All materials used for the project were generated from on-site borrows developed and maintained by FDLN JV.

FDLN JV, as prime contractor, was responsible for all aspects of the project: site health and safety policies; landing strip; charter flights; and fuel supply and storage. Additionally, although SRC maintained and operated the camp, all onsite equipment was owned or subcontracted by FDLN JV. At the end of 2021, FDLN JV demobilized from the site following completion of the remediation scope as scheduled.