Eskay Creek Project

The Eskay Creek Revitalization Project is located in the Golden Triangle region of Northwest British Columbia, approximately 83 km northwest of Stewart, BC and 125 km south of Iskut, BC. Mine access is by a 58.5 km all-weather gravel road from the Stewart–Cassiar highway (Highway 37) near Bob Quinn Lake.

Commenced: 2023
Completed: 2023
Client: Skeena Resources Limited

In 2023, SunWolf Earthworks Inc., a Tahltan corporation formed between Tagodi Development Corporation Ltd. and Nuna Logistics, was awarded the Warehouse Pad Phase 1 scope of work contract, which included:

  • Metal Leaching / Acid Rock Drainage (ML/ARD) drilling program.
  • Snow removal, clearing, grubbing, and topsoil removal.
  • Hauling of topsoil and overburden to their respective stockpiles.
  • Drill and blast operations with subcontractor services.
  • Separation of Non-Acid Generating (NAG) from Potentially Acid Generating (PAG) rock.
  • Hauling of NAG and PAG to their respective stockpiles.
  • Construction of the warehouse access road.
  • Water management and erosion sediment control in all areas of work.

SunWolf completed the ML/ARD drilling program in early June 2023 and mobilized equipment in late June 2023. The main scope of work commenced in July 2023.