Detour Lake Mine

The Detour Lake Mine is an open pit/underground gold mine located approximately 300 km northeast of Timmins, ON and 185 km northeast of Cochrane, ON.

Project Scope

Commenced: 2020
Completed: 2020
Client: Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd.

In February 2020 Tribal Nuna Joint Venture (TNJV), a partnership with Moose Cree First Nation business Tribal Logistics Inc., was awarded 2 construction work packages: TMA – Cell 2 Tailings Pond Dam and Mine Water Pond (MWP). TNJV’s work scopes included excavation and placing of clay and rock; and installation of a concrete plinth, slush grout, and bituminous geomembrane liner. Following notification of award in early February, 50+ heavy equipment units were mobilized to site prior to implementation of heavy load restrictions on the access road on March 1. Construction of both work packages commenced at the beginning of April 2020 with completion of both in October 2020.