Chidliak Project

The Chidliak Project is located on Baffin Island, approximately 120 km northeast of Iqaluit, in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut. The Project was acquired by De Beers Canada as part of the purchase of Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. in 2018.

Site Support (2016-Present)

Commenced: 2016
Completed: In Progress
Client: De Beers Canada Inc.

Nuna Pang Contracting Ltd., a partnership with Pangnirtung Eskimo Co-Operative Limited, maintains a site presence with support equipment for various Client requirements.

Drill Support (2014/2015)

Commenced: 2014
Completed: 2015

Nuna Pang Contracting Ltd. carried out drill support services, including reverse circulation drill set-up, and laydown and flooding of Hercules aircraft-capable ice airstrip.

CH-6 Deposit – 508 Tonne Bulk Sample (2013)

Commenced: 2013
Completed: 2013

Nuna Pang Contracting Ltd. was initially contracted to establish an overland access from Iqaluit, NU to the CH-6 deposit; drill/blast and extract overburden; and extract, bag, and transport a planned 200 tonne kimberlite bulk sample to Iqaluit. Scope included:

  • A scout crew to establish a 170 km trail from Iqaluit to the Chidliak site plus a 19 km access from the CH-6 deposit to the Discovery Camp. Crossing frozen lakes and rivers and rugged terrain, the 170 km trail took a northerly direction to maximize snow coverage which lessened terrain impact.
  • Mobilization of heavy loads utilizing LGP tracked equipment to and from the Discovery Camp to Iqaluit. Loads included:  320EL excavator, drill/blast equipment supplies, support equipment, and enough fuel to sustain the operation.
  • Transportation of explosives to site from Iqaluit via Twin Otter aircraft equipped with ski/wheels for landing on a snow-covered airstrip constructed by Nuna utilizing a BR-350 Snowcat.
  • Drilling approximately eighty 75 mm holes to a depth of 8 m. Drill holes were strategically loaded to avoid contamination or dilution of the kimberlite sample.
  • Excavation of kimberlite to a depth of 4 m below the contact, resulting in approximately 508 tonnes of kimberlite being stockpiled. The bulk sample was bagged utilizing specially designed bag holding racks and a 247B Cat skidsteer.
  • 9 round trips to transport the 414 1-tonne sample bags using a combination of Challengers with sleighs overland and DC-3 aircraft into Iqaluit.

CH-6 Deposit – Bulk Sample / Drill Support (2011/2012)

Commenced: 2011
Completed: 2012

As the first stage of providing drill support for the Chidliak bulk sample program, August-September 2011, Nuna mobilized equipment via sealift into Iqaluit. In early April 2012, and over approximately 7 days, a snowmobile expedition lead by two Iqaluit residents and Nuna’s project superintendent resulted in the opening of a 185 km trail from Iqaluit to Chidliak’s Sunrise Camp. Nuna established an additional snow trail to Chidliak’s Discovery Camp and mobilized a 4-person crew, 875C Cat Challenger, BR-350 Snowcat, Morooka ST3000, two 12,000-liter heated water tank shacks with 20 kV generators, and 50+ rig mats. Once on site, the equipment was used to test transportation routes between kimberlites and aircraft landing areas in preparation for the bulk sample. Concurrently, Nuna provided site services to support the drill program.